Pin Action Bowling

Pin Action Bowling

Play an old bowling game against a friend or against the computer
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Pin Action Bowling is a bowling game simulator. You can play against a friend or against the computer. After you choose a player character and a difficulty setting, the bowling alley appears and you get to see your character in third person. You can control the direction of the ball and the ball spin. The spin is adjusted statically and the direction dynamically (by aligning a static arrow with a moving one, at just the right time, to obtain the movement axis that you desire).

This game is old and it shows. The graphics look decent but the animations are horrible (static images just flickering from one place to another). The fact that the game was developed a long time ago is not an excuse. The music and the sound effects are excusable though. Sound quality is average and the music is obviously not modern but at least they are specific for the time when the game was made.

The game can be a little bit entertaining and judging by the timestamps of the latest entries in the online high score table, it is still played today.

The trial version is limited to 60 minutes of gameplay. After that period, a dialog box appears offering you to buy the software.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Small installation size


  • Old game that hasn't been updated
  • Horrible animations
  • Average quality sound effects
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